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Hotel Rahona Beach

While you are visiting the area of Halkidiki you will have the chance to admire endless magical landscapes, golden beaches, secluded beaches, covered in green valleys and forests, fish villages, but also the magnificent architectual structure of houses and churches. Only in Halkidiki you can enjoy the unique beaches with the perfect combination of green and blue as the pine trees reach the sand and waves. When you visit Halkidiki you will discover that every site you visit it will be very different from the next!
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Amphitheatrically build by refugees from Marmaras in Asia Minor, Neos Marmaras in Sithonia is the diamond on the crown of Gulf Torone lending as it does thousands of twinkles on the sea before it from sunrise till sunset! Neos Marmaras is a modern rural city with an accentuated tourist character and wild night life in high decibels, offering to its visitors the magic of an island and the comforts of the mainland! Bank branches, dozens of small and larger shops, bars, nightclubs and cafeterias make time really fly by. In the morning you can swim in the calm, clean sea; at noon you can eat any the local, colorful taverns, then you can party all night and have a special breakfast at the cafeterias on the pier. Have your picture taken in the charming port, by the chapel located just above... more