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While you are visiting the area of Halkidiki you will have the chance to admire endless magical landscapes, golden beaches, secluded beaches, covered in green valleys and forests, fish villages, but also the magnificent architectual structure of houses and churches. Only in Halkidiki you can enjoy the unique beaches with the perfect combination of green and blue as the pine trees reach the sand and waves. When you visit Halkidiki you will discover that every site you visit it will be very different from the next!
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Nea Flogita was established in 1923 by refugees from Kappadokia of Asia Minor and has a population of about 1.200. The town is built on a hill, just a few meters from the sea. It is situated 52 kms from Thessaloniki and 12 kms from Nea Moudania, Halkidiki’s commercial center. Hotels and a multitude of apartments and rooms to rent are on offer for the comfortable stay of those wishing to spend their holidays in Nea Flogita. Next to the beach there are colorful footpaths for your walks as well as taverns, cafes and bars, that will satify all tastes when it comes to entertainment. The local stores offer a large variety of traditional and contemporary items. During the summer season there is regular public transport to Thessaloniki and the rest of Halkidiki. The areas archealogical sites... more